Nicolas Mériel

Accidental artist (The roses)

Nicolas Mériel has gathered over 15 years of online experience and has worked as interactive marketing manager at eCommerce service provider GSI Commerce (now eBay Enterprise). Nicolas then joined Omniture (now Adobe). In 2012, Mr. Mériel joined Swisscom, Switzerland’s leading telecom provider, as Senior Digital Strategist. Nicolas speaks five languages and has been a regular speaker at various events.

Founding Member of the Museum of Digital Art based in Zurich (2015).

Co-founder of Flamboyant AG and launch of Flamboyant Flowers App (2016).

Awarded #1 prize in the "Mindblowing Optimization" contest with SHAKE (Super Hot Awesome Killer Experiences) at Adobe Summit in Las Vegas and London (2017).


Florian Dohmann

Bird from mars (The GANs)

Florian Dohmann is founder and managing director of Birds on Mars, a Berlin-based company that enables organizations to develop strategies, spaces, teams and applications at the connections of artificial and human intelligence.

Florian is an expert for data, artificial intelligence & digital transformation, technologist & artist from Berlin. Across industries he guides and enables companies to build up sustainable data and AI capabilities.

He is a Data Science professional, IBM disciple, keynote speaker, guest lecturer at various universities and partner in the Berlin entrepreneur network katapult:now.

He is part of the artist collective YQP NYC/Berlin. In their artistic work, they explore the human value in our digital world and merge technology with interactive storytelling.


Sebastian Zimmermann

Technical expert (the gans)

Sebastian Zimmermann implements deep learning algorithms at Birds on Mars. He makes computers hallucinate pictures of water, planets, birds and flowers. Like flowers, modern deep learning algorithms need seeds, time to grow and care. In that sense, Sebastian is taking care of the digital gardens at Birds on Mars.